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The I-Won't-Be-Home-For-Christmas Club 


Patrick Dewane (creator and performer of The Accidental Hero) has written a new play, The I-Won't-Be-Home-for- Christmas Club.  Strange things happen out on the road.  Particularly at Christmas. A local World War II soldier dressed as St. Nick for the orphans of Wiltz, Luxemboug. Thirty years later, it changed his life. Another soldier at war found pure peace in the middle of a battle, while children stuck at the Mayo Clinic found magic in a Christmas visit.  The three stories echo the first Christmas, where they weren’t home for Christmas either. Rochester’s own Richard Brookins is featured in this heartwarming and surprising new show.  His life was changed by his act of kindness in war, a reminder we never really know how we impact others. A wonderful family experience you won’t soon forget!

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