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Several brand new productions are planned for the next couple of months, and the schedule on our website will continue to be updated as new shows are announced. So check back often. On-line ticketing is not available, as we want to give each of our customers the personal service they deserve. Please call (585) 325-4370 for reservations. The Box Office is only open at our 20 Windsor Street venue (no other locations) Monday - Saturday 10am-6pm, and Sunday 12pm-6pm. The Box Office at each venue will open for ticket pick-up one hour prior to any scheduled performance.


Please be advised: our theatres were not originally built as theatres, so we work with the existing air ventilation systems to the best of our ability to make sure your audience experience is as comfortable as possible. You may find the theatre to be a bit chilly when you are first seated - this is because we pre-cool the theatre prior to the beginning of the show. Once the performance begins, the temperature warms up considerably due to the intensity of the theatre lights and sheer body heat! You may wish to bring a sweater or jacket with you for the beginning of the show (we're pretty sure you'll shed it before the end of the performance!)


All arts organizations are presently facing extraordinary economic challenges. Please support the arts in whatever way you can - attend events (especially early in the schedule), become a donor, volunteeryour services, spread the word about the value of the arts in our community... Thank you !

We look forward to welcoming you to the Cabaret !

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