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Matty: An Evening with Christy Mathewson


In the time the Giants walked the earth, none was more honored than the great Christy Mathewson.  The greatest hero in the era before Babe Ruth, the college-educated man who lifted the rowdy world of baseball to gentlemanliness.  Actor Eddie Frierson portrays Christy and more than 30 colorful, historic characters during this acclaimed production.  Named "One of the Year's Best Plays" by NPR,New York Post called it, "…pure virtuosity.  A perfect pitch!"  Ideal family entertainment.


"Frierson is great charming company and tells a good tale . . . a polished performance . . . One doesn't have to be a baseball buff to enjoy this pleasant evening. Appealing! Charming! Amusing! Great!" - The New York Times

"Frierson is totally convincing — not only giving, say, a beautifully technical account of the 'fade-away,' but in behaving seemingly with all the authority and knowledge of Mathewson’s acquired personal history. It’s pure virtuosity.  A perfect pitch!"." - The New York Post

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