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The Water Coolers


The Water Coolers has ended after 4 hit years in Rochester. We hope to bring it back soon, so watch this page for details (and start planning your office party!).

A high-powered, laugh-out-loud musical revue about what we go through just making every work week happen. A witty slice of corporate America, where 9-5 has been replaced by 5-9, where cell phones ruin soccer games, and America’s love affair with the palm pilot assures that the office goes with you everywhere. It's your world... only funnier ! Look for a possible return engagement !


"Anyone who suffers through the 9-5 grind… will find plenty to relate to in THE WATER COOLERS…sharp comic timing and enormous energy." – New York Post

"…a breezy, satirical ‘Dilbert’-like musical revue that tickles the ears and funnybones." - Associated Press

"…razor sharp wit" – Theatremania

"Terrific in every way… guaranteed to make you laugh!"–

"…one of the hottest tickets in town !" - E! Entertainment


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